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I am passionate about what I do and put my heart and soul into working with my clients.

See what my clients have to say about working with me - read their testimonials below!


#1 Best-Selling Author of They Are Magic and Proud graduate of The Lightworker Development School 

I had a strong  desire for spiritual enlightenment and to hone my gifts.  I am so grateful that someone that has so many years of experience, was willing to share it with me and to help me become successful. So I made the leap of faith and so happy I did! I’m just 2 months in and the experience has already changed my life.  Since my time with her, I have published an international bestselling book, with a second on the way. I have become a public speaker, by completing my first women’s summit to 400 women, ranking #1 by the audience. I’m now creating a speaking platform that will allow me to touch more lives on a bigger scale. I finally feel at peace, knowing the end game in front of me. Erin continues to be my rock, holding my hand as we walk together towards it together .... and I have NO intentions of letting her hand go!

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I am so thankful to have been led to the most amazing and gifted soul map reader ever, Erin Koczur. With Erin's teaching, her knowledge and skills...I am living. I am, for the first time in this life, taking the very best care of me ever!! Once Erin introduced you the true you...your true essence, you will never want to darken or dim your light ever again. You will constantly keep that light bright...shiny and clear. To not only light your way and your path, as your light will become a beacon for others who may be lost and in need of it as well.

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I feel my life has been very positively impacted by going through  lightworker development School both professionally and privately.  This course has enhanced and further developed all my skills.   I would recommend the Lightworker Development School. The program changed my life.

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I was looking to increase my knowledge in certain areas that would help to increase my light.  I’m gaining better knowledge of how my light works and how I can incorporate what I’m learning into my every day life.  Erin is very knowledgeable in many areas. Also, she is very personable and makes herself available to her students on many platforms. I can feel that she genuinely cares about her students, not only in the context of the studies, but also in general.  I highly recommend her program!

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Owner, JAC Life Coaching and Strategic Intervention   

When I first met Erin, she and I were both coaches already. We began to discuss coaching and became interested in each other's modalities. We have coaches each other at times and with her blessing, I have incorporated one of her techniques into my own coaching practice because it had such ha profound impact on me, personally. Erin is truly a leader in her field and anyone interested in accessing the spiritual side of themselves would benefit greatly from working with her.

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