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Destined to be a Lightworker!

You know you are different. You know you can SENSE things.You get bits & pieces. You often feel overwhelmed. You WANT to answer the call..You wish you knew someone who could explain and teach you.

I've been there! Psychic since birth, I dedicated over four decades to learning, expanding and mastering my abilities.  I did not meet many like me for a LONG time!  I know how much I wanted a mentor, a teacher, a program!  And that is why I have opened the Lightworker Development School.


I remember. Oh yes, I do remember. I remember feeling so frustrated. I wanted to serve others using my gifts, skill, and knowledge.  I wanted to be FULLY financially supporting myself doing what I loved to do. I wanted a thriving spiritual business where I was helping others heal, deepen their spiritual growth, and transform their lives. Oh yes...I remember the minutes, hours, days, months, YEARS that this nagged at me. I KNEW I WAS MEANT TO DO THIS.

Fast forward: I not only figured it out, but I have helped other women to do the same! It is my mission to help, guide, and mentor women to either launch their own successful heart-centered business or up-level their current one. Turn your abilities into profitability so you can honor your Life Purpose.


Are you ready? A simple chat can be all it takes for you to go from wishing to doing!


What is stopping you from thriving, being the authentic YOU and LOVING your life? What is holding you back having an amazing successful and abundant heart -centered business? Limiting beliefs? Lack of confidence? Little to no support? Don’t know where to start? Financial investment?

I would love to help you bust through these “barriers.” In addition to my own skills, I have a network of professionals that span just about every topic you can imagine.

You DON’T have to settle!  You CAN do / be / achieve ANYTHING when you CHOOSE to take action on your dreams.

And the first step is ridiculously easy: Reach out!  Let's find out if the Lightworker Development School and the Lightworker VIP Mentorship Program is right for you.


About the Lightworker Development School

At the Lightworker Development School, whether you are an absolute beginner or already offering services, there is a 6-month mentoring program designed to give you the skills, tools, and confidence to fulfill your personal, professional, and financial dreams. 

Lightworker VIP Intensive (certification)
This is a 6-month hands-on mentoring custom designed program for developing your psychic abilities, sharpening your skills, and learning techniques that will transform your life on every level.

We meet bi-monthly through zoom for a private teaching/mentoring conversation.
We meet weekly for our group Lightworker Development Program training/Q&A Call.
You will have full access to the private student group and all materials within it (24/7).


We will cover...
💥 how to connect, identify and work with Spirit Guides, Angels, and Guardians
💥 working with and mastering to sense, filter, cleanse, raise or ground
💥 meditation, connect with higher self & inner peace practices
💥 develop Intuitive abilities. We explore which abilities you already have, learn new ones and LOTS of practice in strengthening your psychic muscle! You will be confident and in CONTROL of your blossoming abilities.
💥 manifesting techniques
💥 mindset transformation
… and more!

To join the program you must:
1. be committed to learning.
2. be open and coachable.
3. be committed to investing in yourself - time, energy, resources. You understand that doing this is how you achieve your dreams & goals.
4. be willing to push outside of your comfort zone.
5. understand that you will be required to attend weekly training.

If, after reading all this, you know that you're motivated, dedicated and committed to learning all the skills and new strategies to step fully into your Life Purpose or to grow your practice, then please, complete the form below for more information.

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Lightworker Development School Form

Upon review of your form submission, we will reach out to you for an official interview, so we can each decide if the program is right for you and that we are a good fit to work together. Should you need to cancel your enrollment our agreement reflects the fact that we incur most of the expenses before you ever use the program and as such, you will forfeit your deposit for the program.


DEPOSIT DUE- A deposit is due to actually enroll.

No spot will be held without this deposit for any reason.

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