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Difference between Spirit Guides & Angels

This is a topic that can be a bit confusing for many. While both, spirit guides and angels, are a part of our Spiritual Team/Unseen Helpers.. they are very distinct beings with distinct functions!

A Spirit Guide is an actual person - like you and me - who had a physical life at one time then passed over to the Other Side, as we all do upon death. A Guide has their own identity and life chart just as you do. Then before you come into a life on Earth you will seek out a friend to "watch out" for you while you are in life. That friend is your Spirit Guide, and they remain on the Other Side helping and protecting you during your journey on Earth. Your Guide is always with you, they are the little voice of conscience you often hear nudging you to do the right thing or telling you to beware. I like the term used by Ruth Montgomery who called them "companions along the way."

Angels, on the other hand, are special creations made by God who never live a physical life. They all have the same appearance, tall and beautiful, but they do not speak. They also come to your side when you need help, and will always come if you simply ask God to send assistance. So if you are hearing, or even sensing, a voice then it is your Spirit Guide speaking, not an Angel.

It is a good practice to allow your Guide to read your thoughts. No Guide, nor anyone else, can read your mind until you give them permission. So simply give verbal consent to your Guide allowing them to hear/read your thoughts and mind. Then they are better able to help you by knowing your concerns, worries, and hidden issues. If you simply yell "Help me God" your Guide will not always know what to do, so by letting them into your mind they can discern what needs to be done. Also, you can easily get the name of your Guide in dream state. As you are going to sleep tell your Guide to implant their name into your mind, then state to yourself that you will remember that name upon waking. Do this for at least three nights and you will have the name. Take your first impression, no matter how odd. Then you will have more personal chats with your Guide when you address them by name. However, they don't care what you call them, give them a name, and use the same name each time you address them.

For me, and my clients, working WITH our Spiritual Crew (Guides, Guardians & Angels) is a fun and beneficial part of our daily lives. If you would like to take your connection with your Spirit Guide(s) and Angels(s) deeper, I invite you to contact me.

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