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2024 - a UNIVERSAL YEAR 8 🎉

It's a Universal Year 8 – here's What to know

What’s a Universal Year Number?

Numerology is a form of spirituality that can be used to gain clarity, higher knowledge, and insider info on your desires. Think of it like esoteric mathematics. The Universal Year Number is like a giant horoscope for the year we’re all in. Pay attention to Universal Year Numbers, because they give you a head start on how to shape your intentions and goals. This annual number also provides you with a general understanding of pop culture events to come and how to identify your personal growth for the year. A Universal year runs from January 1st to December 31st.

The numerology universal year number, calculated from the calendar year, represents energy that relates to the way the whole world is going — with you and me in it.

That energy resonates with the tendencies and likelihoods for the calendar year the number was calculated from. Events during a year tend to lean toward the resonance of the energies represented by its universal year number.

The universal year number energy provides a gentle nudge, not a heavy push.

We have now entered 2024 – an 8 Universal Year!

As the number most often associated with wealth, power, business, abundance, leadership, karma, balance and influence, the 8 is usually top of everyone’s list.

This Universal Year holds an energy that’s ambitious, capable and strong. But it can also bring huge challenges. Yet, it’s important to realize that this number only ever brings opportunities for growth. As such, an 8 Universal year can be a time of immense personal transformation, if you embrace it with both hands!

Here are some keys to success in a Universal Year Number 8

1. Think BIG!

This Universal Year cycle is all about setting your sights high, and reaching for the stars!

Don’t just plan for what’s possible. Plan for what you most want. A little like leaping off a cliff and praying you’ll grow wings on the way down, the energy of the 8 might not reveal every step of the path ahead. It wants you to trust. Take a risk. And believe in yourself.

2. Strategy Rules

The number 8 isn’t a cross-your-fingers-and hope for the best kind of numerology. Sure, it manages to scoop up a big lot of luck out of life. BUT it’s main tool of triumph is strategy.

Strategy is your best friend during this Universal Year.

So beyond just knowing what you want, figure out how you’re going to get there.

  • What steps will you take?

  • Who’s involved?

  • When are your deadlines…

Plan, plan, plan down to the last detail and the number 8 will ensure you thrive this year!

3. Don’t Cut Corners

There’s a funny quirk in this numerology that often catches people out.

Any attempt to cut corners, tell a little white lie, or pull the wool over somebody’s eyes inevitably falls flat. You’ll get caught. Something breaks. Some how, some way, it all comes tumbling down.

So the lesson here? Don’t cut corners this universal year. Sure, take a risk or two (or three) but be honest, aligned, and even in your tiny day-to-day tasks, stay well within your integrity.

4. Let Yourself Lose

One characteristic of the year, is: balance.

Just as the figure 8 flows in and out infinitely, the energy of this year will rise and fall. This means that when it falls…. it WILL rise again! Our work during this cycle, is to find a balance, and be okay with the up and down, trusting that we’ll find our feet and our path back to the top once more.

5. Share the Love

As such a prosperous number, and one that seems to be the pure expression of wealth sometimes, it’s vital not to become selfish or self-centered.

There truly is enough to go round. So if you have a big success, learn how to share it. Financially, or otherwise.

One of the biggest lessons that the 8 Universal Year cycle has to teach, is how to distribute wealth fairly. How to use power for the good of others, and how to choose to uplift those around us.

Challenges of the Universal Year Number 8

As mentioned, this number can offer challenges around controlling money and power dynamics when it expresses as an 8 Universal Year.

Lording power over others, OR on the opposite end of the spectrum, crashing into a victim mentality and giving all your power away is also a danger.

For this reason, 8 Universal Years always hold the potential for deep healing in these areas of life.

We all have a PERSONAL YEAR number and when we take the influence of a UNIVERSAL YEAR energy - affects each of us a little differently. To find out how this 8 year will affect your personal year, you will find great info here:

In the end, we each, individually create our lives. Outside energies may influence us, however they do NOT command us! By having an understanding of universal energies, we can then decide and plan how to best work with them to live our best life. We can plan for challenges, as well as make the most of fast track flow.

Here's to your 2024!! May it be a magical, healing and prosperous year for you!

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