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Coach Talk Cafe'

Join me at Coach Talk Cafe'

I'm just like you. My days and nights are full. Full of must do, should do, and lots of "please do."

It's so easy to get lost in lists and responsibilities. When we see this happening to a loved one, we tell them "take time for yourself!"  

I found a way to follow this advice for myself.  

Each Saturday, I have committed to a time for ME.  A time for ME to connect with other women.  A time to laugh, dance, learn, grow, share.

If I could bottle and share what we experienced as a collective whole during Saturday’s CTC Women's Empowerment Divine Feminine Circle I would, in a heartbeat!

But I can't.

What I can do is invite you to have the experience for yourself.

Coach Talk Cafe CEO and founder, Gabriela D Delgadillo painted this portrait of me for the Women's Empowerment Divine Feminine Circle Members, which will be used on the back of a Divine Feminine Game of Enlightenment deck!  

I invite you to become a member of this Sisterhood today, as I look forward to sharing this sacred experience and journey with you!

ME CTC WE Divine Feminine Deck May 2021.
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